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Inspirational Words and Short Philosophies

Inspirational Words and Short Philosophies
Words of Great People
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Words of Even Greater People

Short passages written by me. Most of them are the results of too many study halls with nothing to do.

Every shadow is an unrealized dream. Find your Sun, the center of your universe, and let it shine on you always. Only then will you find that you cast no shadows.


Every morning the Incan people would sacrifice some of their belongings to the sun god, Inti, for making the sun come up. Every sunrise was a miracle, each new day a blessing.

As long as there are those who need help, I have not helped enough.

Destiny awaits those who are willing to work to find it.

There is no such thing as needless kindness. There is always the need, but there is not always kindness.

By giving to others, you give to your soul a gift worth more than anything material.

See with your mind; speak and listen with your heart.

Courage is not a lack of fear. It is the exact opposite. Courage is admitting that you are afraid, but going on anyway.

You cannot be brave and unafraid at the same time.

Love lasts eternally. Devote yourself to love, and so will you.

You begin to live only after you have found someone worth dying for.

Mice are extreminated. Men die. Heroes, no matter how small, will live forever in those they have touched. Are we mice, men, or heroes?

Some things we must question; others we must never. Always have faith in love.

Imagine yourself years from now. How will you remember your past? Will your eyes tear from sorrow or from joy? Make your actions today worth remembering tomorrow.

The greatest feeling in the world: seeing someone smile because they love you.

No matter what anybody tells you, you will never ever find love. Love will find you.