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Words of Even Greater People
Inspirational Words and Short Philosophies
Words of Great People
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Words of Even Greater People

Below this lie the words of the greatest people on this planet: my friends. Thank you for all you have done for me; I love you all.

"Love is light, friendship and happiness. It is deeply caring for someone. Love is taking care and believing in someone. It is forgiving and believing. Love is not jealous or unkind. It is spending time thinking about that person.

It is collective and calm. Love does not judge or criticize. It is listening and holding. Love is floating on a cloud. It is wishing and longing to be near them. It is wanting to hear their voice.

Love is letting go and is trusting. Love opens doors and sets u free. It is feeling like u can fly. Love is sacrifice and willingness. It is compromise and at times difficult. Love is waiting. It can be scary. It is not rude or untruthful. Love is faithfulness.

It is not conceited and is forever changing and growing. It is feeling safe and warm. Love is honesty. It is understanding and accepting. Love is not controlling or demanding. Love is knowing and dreaming. Love is completeness.

I don't believe that love is anything if it's only missing one of those things."

" Enough is a personal choice. It is something we have to determine by our own standards and in our own beliefs."

" To live freely is to challenge yourself."

" Accepting is not the same as believing; we can accept something but we don't have to believe it is right."

" You first must love yourself in order to love others."

" Spirit is the most precious thing."

" Savor your memories. You won't ever get them back."

" You choose what life you want, so pick wisely."

" Everyone has the potential to be wonderful, it's just if they decide to grasp it."

" Optimism is my policy."

" Hope is something to be kept alive."

" We are one. I am alive because you have life. Our souls are interconnected."

" Angels are God sent. They are miracles that come in all shapes and sizes."

" Follow your intuition. It will lead you to where you need to be."

" Trust is the key element to building better, stronger, happier and healthier relationships with your peers, elders, and minors as well as ourselves! We all need to start trusting and getting to know not only the people around us in our everyday lives, but essentially getting to know ourselves as well!"

" Loving yourself is the key to happiness."

"Come together showing compassion. Reach for the stars and believe in your dreams. Forgive but never forget. Live today like it's your last. No regrets. Most importantly, have faith in yourself and the Lord above."

-Jessie Fiske

"Friends are like stars --- even if you can't see them, you know they are always there.

"Love is what you want it to be if it was up to you."

"Whatever obstacles we all may face make our days seem interesting. What's life without a bit of conflict? Please don't blame yourself for the things that go wrong. Separating your perceptions from the reality of the situation only helps you to see how that one event fits in with all other events that shape your life -- like a puzzle. With each event, you paint a new piece for your puzzle. Each one, whether large or small, hideously colored or pretty, jagged-edged or smoothly-shaped, is an essential part of the grand design. If you left out pieces just because they were painful to look at, the design would be less unique. Without every piece, the puzzle wouldn't be complete. You wouldn't be complete. I'm sure that whatever happens, happens for a reason. You are the artist and your emotions are your colors. Let your experiences inspire you. In the end, you are your own masterpiece"

-Tiffany Hong

"Life is like a bowl of cherries. If you aren't willing to recognize it may have pits, you may just choke"

-Nicholas Auwaerter



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