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Poems and Short Stories

Inspirational Words and Short Philosophies
Words of Great People
Poems and Short Stories
Words of Even Greater People

I'm just so tired,
So tired of it all,
Of all the evils in this world I can do nothing about,
But I would suffer every wrong, every pain,
Just for a chance to be with you

Before you all troubles fade,
A look from your eyes makes all the evils in this world disappear,
An echo of your voice shatters all my deepest fears,
A simple hint of your beautiful smile drives back the darkness,
I would give you everything,
I would give you the world if I could,
But you are my everything,
and I love you.

Gazing at the stars, bursts of fire and energy in a wave of darkness and cold.

...mystery, fear, awe, hope, love, destiny....

Embodied within little dots in the sky.

“Oh…” she groaned with frustration, “I wish my hair would stay straight for once! I could stand to lose a few pounds too. It’s the only way that cute new kid will notice me!” she explained to her friend, sitting on her bed in her room.

“I think you look absolutely perfect as you are,” he mumbled.

“Pfft, you don’t need to lie. We all have our little criticisms about ourselves.” She turned her head away from the mirror and towards him. “For instance, if you could, what would you change about yourself?”

With furrowed brow he thought for a moment. He had his friends and family, he didn’t see a need for anything else. Just then, he realized there was one thing he wanted…
“I wish my arms were a little longer…”

“What are you talking about?” she remarked with a slight sneer and a chuckle, “Why would you want that?”

He replied “So I could give the whole world a hug…”

I realized that I have no best friend, no good friends, or even just friends at all.

*deeeeep sigh*

I have the best friends.

We all make mistakes. It is unavoidable. Every bad thing (or person) in our lives is just a new experience. A part of our song. There is melody and harmony, and they sing the song together. There are high notes and low notes, sharps and flats, major and minor keys, but that is our song.

Some wounds never heal. I still have scars on my lip from a few years ago. I still have a huge mark from a gash from when I fell down the stairs a few weeks ago…

And some wounds run much deeper. No medication will truly stop the pain. Only time and friends.

He didn’t even know what time it was. With his legs dangling over the cliff edge, he gazed from his secret lookout over the city. It really did look beautiful at night, the neon signs and electric lights giving the city life in the darkness. Then something caught his eye.
Quickly, he turned his head to the right, towards the East. A fiery red had begun to melt into the night sky, creating a mystical morning twilight.

He took in a huge breath of the cool, moist air and slowly let it go. This is what he lived for.

“Come on, Sun. Climb that horizon. Bring me my tomorrow…”

A cool breeze blew across the lonely field, clearing the smoke. Gradually, the dust settled on the ground once more. The clouds parted slightly, a glancing ray of sunlight raced towards the torn battlefield. The sun never shone brighter...



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